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Complete WeddingPlanning

& Design

“We find couples that benefit most from this package include those who are unable to find the time, live out of town, or are seeking a creative artist to organize, design and execute their wedding.” - johanna sharpe

With a “we are in this together” attitude, we are your personal consultants from A to Z. 

What’s involved? With asking important questions, we learn your story and style to seek inspiration and create an unimaginable concept for your wedding.  A budget is created and managed by our team and we begin the planning process. We must note that it’s not all about the 'fance and glam', we oversee all contract negotiations and work hard to get you the best suitable option in line with your vision and budget.  We are connected throughout the entire process through text, e-mail and phone, however we encourage our couples to sit back and enjoy the process.

Please inquire for a detailed proposal and quote for this service.

Cusstom WeddingPlanning

“Custom Wedding planning benefits those who enjoy select planning components, but prefer to have a professional opinion and assistance with select services along the way” - johanna sharpe

We find this package to be the most popular with our clients, and it is a favourite of ours as well! This package provides a personalized and unique experience for everyone involved as we customize the package to meet the comfort level of our couples. We provide a catalog of services that are included in our Complete Planning & Design Package, and our couples are able to determine which services they wish to own, and we assist with the others! Service choices include design consultation, vendor recommendations, site visits, invitation proofing, and more!  We continue to provide our Month & Day of Coordination & Bridal Styling services. Open communication via text and e-mail is an important component to this package as we are able to stay connected with our couples throughout the year and leading up to the big day.

Please inquire for a detailed proposal and quote for this service.

Poached Eggs with Skillet Toast

Month & Day of

Coordination & Bridal Styling

“Month and Day-Of Coordination & Bridal Styling is necessary for those couples who have poured precious hours and months into planning for their special day.  It is important to hire a coordinator to tie the day together, someone to whom you can relate and trust.” – Johanna sharpe

We provide well-rounded talent and experience to clients who are seeking a professional to execute their meticulously planned day.  You can expect us to jump on board during crunch time, inspect your planning to date, and with a detailed review of your plan, ensure all items are handled prior to your big day.  A unique feature to this service is the bridal styling component. In addition to our logistics coordination, you receive a personalized stylist the morning of your wedding to style and handle your details, dress, stationery and more!  

Please inquire for a detailed proposal and quote for this service.